The Black Scorpion "Series IIC - V-2" Fine Gold Recovery Table


Get The Fine Gold You Have Been Missing!

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This is our "Latest" version of our Fine Gold Recovery Table - Manufactured by Motherlode Prospecting Supplies Ltd., and has recently experienced some slight modification in the micro-texture for overall improvement of it's already impressive performance.

Unlike our "Competitors", you can "Instantly" convert this table to a concentrator sluice with our optional insert - making it a true 2'n'1 system for not only rendering your material down to a manageable amount, but instantly converts back to a top of the line gold separation machine, that can save you money - so you can see - there really is NO COMPETITION!!!!

This table is formed from high impact resistant UV rated ABS plastic and will take years of abuse, and if you ever develop a crack or chip, it's easily welded using ABS glue available from any hardware store.

This is one of our BIGGEST SELLERS (kits included), year after year, and it goes out the door almost as fast as we can build them, and it's MADE IN CANADA!

How expensive do you think it is throwing out gold you can't see in your pan? You may shock yourself! Once you set it up with the appropriate angle and water flow and screen your concentrates to a consistent size, separation is fast and efficient.

The Black Scorpion is a Fine Gold Recovery table fashioned after the old “Miller Style Tables”, but with a twist.

Professionally moulded from sturdy ABS, this system is designed, by the use of natural polarity and texture, to separate even the smallest of gold specs from your properly screened concentrates, with a very simple process encompassing a slow water flow and brushing technique.

Gold Bowls and Gold Wheels are pretty good at getting small gold, but they are slow, require a lot of fine tuning and require many re-runs.

Vibrating tables are also very efficient, but also very expensive, and they too require several re-runs to maximize your recovery.

The Black Scorpion works best based on mesh size, and when you properly adjust your water flow to the mesh size of the concentrate, it’s recovery is amazing and with very little gold reaching the tailings box.

In fact, you will be able to recover gold you probably thought you didn’t even have because it was too small to see in your gold pan, and it is this gold that is the most abundant, yet gets thrown out because it’s almost invisible.

For years the Miller Table was quite successful at recovering the finest of gold out of your concentrates, and then came the "Brooming Table", so with that in mind, and a lot of fine-tuning, we have developed what we feel is the best "Fine Gold Recovery" table out there for the price, incorporating water flow and the use of brushes.

Introducing the "Series II C - Black Scorpion" Fine Gold Recovery Table!

We wanted to develop something that was faster and more efficient than a vortex bowl, gold wheel or even panning but priced affordably for the small miner with limited resources.

  • Vibrating Tables Can Cost Thousands.
  • Vortex Bowls are SLOW and need constant adjustment of water flow.
  • Gold Wheels won't easily clean micron Gold and can cost hundreds of dollars more!
  • Give us a call, and come over and give it a try.
Made from tough ABS, we have embedded our own 2 stage's of texture, that will quickly attract even the tiniest gold specs. Also features 2 built-in "Catch Pockets" where you can hold your gold until you're ready to recover it.

At the bottom end we have 3 some low profile matting to grab any bits of gold that may get missed & migrate down towards the tailings box.

To increase the flow of water over the matting, we have also fluted and angled the lower portion of the table slightly, in order to prevent "Loading", which helps to trap and retain those spec's that may piggy back on a piece of sand (retain this trapped material for screening down further or to re-run later).

The people to whom we have demo'd this unit, even at 12 mesh (recommended for -20m), are simply amazed at how fast and efficient it is, exposing and holding those tiniest specs of gold you can barely see without a magnifying glass!

It's even upgradeable to convert to a 2 n 1 system, by adding our new Concentrating Insert, you can now convert your table into a real concentrator to enrich and decrease the volume of your material before you run it through the table thereby minimizing your time even more. It's an absolutely amazing - one-of-a-kind system.


If you need a pump, tub, stand and hose, check out our packages!

Recommended Accessories (or See our Package Deals):

We are currently working on a couple of additional "Upgradeable" options to make this system a state of the art processing plant.

Please note, as with any fine gold recovery system it is highly recommended you dry your concentrates and remove the heavy black sands ( drying makes removal much easier with less gold trapping ), then screen to a consistent size before running. This will significantly reduce processing time and result in less gold making it to the tailings.

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VIDEO OF TABLE IN ACTION ( This is where the table is overloaded and run at full speed after magnetically separating the blacks out and screening to consistent size.)

Black Scorpion Fine Gold Recovery Table - actual use! Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014

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