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Black Scorpion Fine Gold Recovery Table - Series II/V2


Get The Fine Gold You Have Been Missing!


Designed and Manufactured by Motherlode Prospecting Supplies Ltd., this unique finishing table is formed from high impact resistant UV rated ABS plastic and will take years of abuse, and has had a new face lift.

Note: Although it costs us a bit more for this new version, and prices have jumped exponentially these last couple of years, we are holding the line, and not increasing the price - "at least for now"!

Here are a few of the changes we have made:

  • Removed "Catch Pockets" and replaced them with Vial Holders specifically designed by us so you now have an option of moving your cleaned gold directly into a vial. Each table also comes with a plug that screws into the hole, so you can simply sweep the gold into it, and use a gold bottle if that's your preference, or, unscrew the plug and let the gold drop into a container or gold pan.
  • Texture has been slightly "tuned" to improve capture.
  • Basic Table now comes with 2 gold vials and 2 plugs.
  • If you lose a plug, no problem, you can purchase spare's Click Here.

How expensive do you think it is throwing out gold you can't see in your pan? You may shock yourself! Once you set it up with the appropriate angle and water flow and properly screen your concentrates to a consistent size, separation is fast and efficient.

The Black Scorpion is a Fine Gold Recovery table (otherwise also called a "Finishing Table", fashioned after the old “Miller Style Tables”, but with a unique twist.

Professionally molded from sturdy ABS, this system is designed, by the use of natural polarity and texture, to separate even the smallest of gold specs from your properly screened concentrates, with a very simple process encompassing a slow water flow and brushing technique.

Gold Bowls and Gold Wheels are pretty good at getting small gold, but they are slow, require a lot of fine tuning and require many re-runs.

Vibrating tables are also very efficient, but also very expensive, and they too require several re-runs to maximize your recovery.

The Black Scorpion works best based on mesh size, and when you properly adjust your water flow to the mesh size of the concentrate, it’s recovery is amazing and with very little gold reaching the tailings box.

In fact, you will be able to recover gold you probably thought you didn’t even have because it was too small to see in your gold pan, and it is this gold that is the most abundant, yet gets thrown out because it’s almost invisible.

For years the Miller Table was quite successful at recovering the finest of gold out of your concentrates, and then came the "Brooming Table", so with that in mind, and a lot of fine-tuning, we have developed what we feel is the best "Fine Gold Finishing" table out there for the price, incorporating water flow and the use of brushes, and priced in Canadian Funds ( which is very attractive to U.S. Customers ) - Get yours today!!

Additionall Features....

  • Made from tough, durable and lightweight ABS - approx. 30 1/8" x 11 3/8"
  • 3 stage's of "Embedded" texture, that will quickly attract even the tiniest gold specs.
  • "New" - Catch Pockets that now convert to "Vial Holders" avoiding having to use a suction bottle for recovery.
  • Low Profile Matting at the end to help retain any "Migrants" that hitch a ride in the event the water flow is too aggressive ( tuning and proper classifying is important )

Included With Basic Table......

  • 2x 12" adjustable aluminum legs with ABS non-scratch foot pads.
  • 2x Wing Bolts to secure legs and allow height ( tilt ) adjustment
  • 2x Vial Holder Plugs so you can still use the table if you don't have any vials
  • 2x 3/4oz Glass Vials
  • Diffuser Pad inside water manifold to help remove air from water flow
  • 2x Brushes - Large for agitating and spreading material, small one moving the isolated gold to the catchment area.
  • Inline Valve to set water flow
  • 3/4" Nylon NPT Threaded Hose Bib ( see below for optional hose and accessories )

If you are ready to order, but need addtional accessories, such as pump, etc., just add the table to your shopping cart, then you can add additional items you may need here.....

  • Tub for a recirculation system, the proper height for the table to rest on, for getting the best angle ( 6" height ) - Click Here
  • 500 GPH 12v Pump - Click Here
  • 3/4" Flex Hose or Poly Tubing ( recommended 3') - Click Here
  • 12v Clamps (Battery style) - Click Here
  • Tub Stand with Tailings Box & Pump Mount - Click Here
  • Extra Gold Vials - from 1/2 oz - 1 1/2 oz ( 2 oz do not fit ) - Click Here
  • Spare Plugs ( in the event of loss) - Click Here.
  • We are currently working on a couple of additional "Upgradeable" options to make this system a state of the art processing plant.

    Please note, as with any fine gold recovery system it is highly recommended you dry your concentrates and remove the heavy black sands ( drying makes removal much easier with less gold trapping ), then screen to a consistent size before running. This will significantly reduce processing time and result in less gold making it to the tailings.

    Watch Jeff Williams Famous Geologist and Gold Miner Use Our Table

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    • Model: 1250-V2
    • Manufactured by: Motherlode Prospecting

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