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MotherSucker Sniper ( Upgradeable to Prospector)


MotherSucker Hand Dredge Made In Canada - MADE IN CANADA!!


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Developed and Manufactured by Motherlode Prospecting Supplies Ltd.

Since 2012, our MotherSucker has been sold worldwide and the only one of it's kind commercially built in Canada!

It's also more than a simple sniping tool, it's actually a Hybrid Hand Dredge and you can convert this to a full hand dredge with a conversion kit, and convert it back again depending on your needs at the time, making it a true 2 n 1 system! that WE designed FIRST and is still the BEST!

  • Made from lightweight PVC.
  • 2" x 30" Barrel gets deep [ less stooping ].
  • 23" draw brings up more material.
  • Includes 3/4" and 1/2" "Gold Trap Suction Tips".
  • Separated Tip = less rock jams & easy clearing.
  • Empties into your bucket or gold pan quickly and easily.
  • Superior Leather Seal [ 2-cup design]
  • Easily replaceable parts
  • Easily Upgradeable to the "Prospector" mode
    [ with optional "Prospector Conversion Kit" ]
  • You can't get to all the gold by shoveling alone, especially in bedrock cracks, under boulders and the bottom of pot holes where the shovel can't get to.

    In fact, even the simple act of shoveling causes gold to be driven deeper to the bottom and into cracks and divots where the shovel can't go, therefore, the only way is to use a suction device to siphon it right up off the bottom just like a vacuum cleaner.

    But, mechanized dredging in many areas is either illegal, or can take weeks to get written permission after submitting the complicated paperwork.

    Our basic "MotherSucker" Hand Dredge, is designed to get those elusive values that are driven into cracks and under boulders by using simple suction to access those area's and pull those values into the tube and trap them there until you empty it into your bucket or gold pan.

    We use durable white PVC pipe, as it is less reactive to temperature and sunlight. Dark material expands and contracts with heat, causing problems with maintaining a consistent vacuum, and since white reflects heat, you virtually eliminate that problem.

    It`s light weight, and has a durable leather seal for long life and superb suction. It's very easy to use and it's long length means you can get deeper with less stooping which equals less fatigue.

    Even if you prefer to dig your underwater pit with a shovel, it is even more important to use some kind of suction device to vacuum up what the shoveling has left behind.

    If you do not own one of these hand dredges, you are losing gold, and probably lots of it, or working much too hard for it. This item can pull those values out and hang on to them with it`s built-in "Nugget" trap until you empty it.

    You will wonder how you ever got along without it.

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    • Model: 7000
    • Manufactured by: Motherlode Prospecting

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