Deluxe KK-6 Propane Smelting Kit

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Hot selling product (pun intended)!!

This is the modular midsize kiln from GPK Company and is capable of melting your junk jewelry, or smelting your enriched concentrates ( must be absolutely dry ).

If the Deluxe Mini Kwik Kild II is to small for your needs and our KK-8 too large, well, here it is, the perfect size!

Deluxe Kit includes:

  • 6" round by 7" tall refractory kiln with 3" diameter x 4" tall chamber
  • 1 crucible base
  • 1 Salamander A0.5 clay graphite crucible
  • 14" tongs
  • Liner maintenance kit
  • 1 lb kwik kiln melting flux
  • 1 lb GPK premium gold flux
  • Graphite combo loaf mold
  • 2 Bernzomatic Propane Tips (not shown)
  • Instructions

Recommended Accessories:

  • Additional A0.5 Clay - Graphite Crucible(s)
  • Additional Crucible Base
  • Flux (GPK Premium or standard)
  • Graphite Stir Rod
  • Conical Mold
  • Bone Ash to protect Crucible Stand / Bottom Liner from accidental spills


This kiln is not a toy and ultimately generates temperatures in excess of 2200° Fahrenheit.

This kiln is designed to be used with Propane only. Use only as directed. Firing the Kwik Kiln beyond the operating effectiveness of the refractory kiln materials, which are rated for up to 2300° Fahrenheit, with or without a pyrometer, or using any other type of fuel or burner, will null and void any written, expressed or implied warranties.

Use at your own risk and follow all recommended and common-sense safety precautions.

Sellers are not responsible for accidents or injuries caused by hot kilns or contents. Using one purchased from this seller acknowledges that you use it at your own risk and understand all the hazards associated with smelting concentrates and metals.

All prices are in Canadian Funds and do not include taxes and/or shipping ( if applicable)

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