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Using conventional gold pans, is a slow, laborious process that is hard on your back, knees and hands.

True, everyone needs to pan out their material at some point, but doesn't it make sense to actually process several shovel full's of material into a small amount of highly concentrated material, using the Pyramid Pan, in the time it takes to pan out a single shovel of paydirt?

The PYRAMID PAN by Fossicker is dynamically far superior to any gold pan, and doesn't take AN EXPERT to use it!

This machine is really a CONCENTRATOR, but because it's considered a GOLD PAN, is legal pretty much everywhere gold panning is allowed.

Fluid Bed Technology is far superior for recovering the smallest of gold, since gold's density forces it to seek the very bottom, and stratification makes that happen in a heartbeat.

The Pyramid Pan is really Easy to learn, is faster than sluice ( which is not legal without a claim and a permit in most places) and retains up to 100% of the fines!

Nuggets and coarse gold don't stand a chance - once they are in, the only place they will end up is in your gold vial or pouch

This pan is as Tough as they come, and very rugged construction.

Specially designed Stainless Steel Riffles are simply dynamite.

Heat and cold resistant with Lifetime Guarantee you can't ask for more.

If your satisfied with a sore back from panning for hours, for a few flakes you can show off in a vial - then stay with a goldpan - but if you want to actually find and keep tangible assets, then you need to move as much paydirt as possible - a simple gold pan won't cut it - but the Pyramid Pan will do 50x what you can do with a pan.

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