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We take our customers privacy very seriously.

You can feel confident that all information submitted via our contact or registration forms is kept in strict confidence, and will not be intentionally sold or given away for free to any 3rd party what so ever, unless requested by law.

We do not collect credit cards online for payment, but we do utilize a 3rd party (PayPal) to process orders via our shopping cart if that option is chosen by you.

If you choose to purchase using PayPal, it is up to you to review PayPal's privacy policy to ensure it meets your expectations.

If you choose not to use PayPal and submit your payment for a "Pay By Phone" transaction, your credit card information will be destroyed and not kept on file or within any database that may be accessed by that system's availability to the Internet.

Our site uses encryption technology to assist in keeping your information confidential, but that is no guarantee that encryption may be violated by a third party that we are not aware of or under our control.

In any case, use of our website by any means is at the sole risk of the user.

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